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Colourful Mail

Colourful mail leaving my house the last few days. Mixed Postcrossing postcards, pen pals and mailart.

I’m very happy to be sending out such a mixture of mail and knowing such lovely people to send my mail to. I always have my thinking cap on so that I can encourage, bless or make people laugh.

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Colourful Mail

I’ve been enjoying submerging myself in colourful mail. This included using these wonderful Sci-Fi postage stamps,

receiving three more handmade art postcards from the IHanna postcard swap, from Susa, Patsy and Angela all from the USA,

and sending out letters using my personally designed Stationery, which I absolutely love designing and using!

I’ve also had a sort out of my own handmade faux postage stamps. I’m absolutely addicted to making these!

Happy mail, all week long, see you soon! 🙂

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May Mail

I’ve been enjoying making patterns to make my own writing paper. So here are some assorted letters written on those, as well as using my lovely bought paper and sending some mail art and postcards. I am happy that they are all winging their way around the globe to bring a smile on peoples faces.

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IHanna Spring 2022 Postcard Swap

It’s that time again and I’m loving it. I do enjoy the Ihanna swaps. This time I have based my art on a scripture from Micah, “Act Justly, love mercy, walk humbly”, anyone can use this as a guide to follow in life. It can act as an inspiration to anyone regardless of faith, so I thought I would share it through my art. A total of 10 postcards being sent out with lots of love 🙂

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The Elevated Envelope

This spring, the Elevated Envelope Challenge started up again and I was eager to sign up and take part.

These are the beautiful envelopes I received, created on the topic of ‘Equinox’. I received art from USA, Israel and Ireland, I had a special treat of an extra one from a pen pal in USA.

This is the design I sent, an abstraction of the theme.

I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

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It’s International Correspondence Letter Writing Month again. Although I write letters all year round and may not take up the challenge of writing a letter every day. It’s an opportunity to meet new people through mail and possible top up on regular pen pals. So I’m including old and new in my letter writing this month.

Sherry in USA and Sarah, UK.

Natalie in the UK and Chantelle in Ireland.

Only four so far but they are filled will love and best wishes for the recipients!

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Last mailings for 2021

Sending out a mixed bunch of happy mail on the penultimate day of 2021.

Postcrossing cards across the globe to USA, Germany, Austria and Russia. I am looking forward to more postcrossings in 2022 as I have been postcrossing for a full ten Years 🙂

These are my last letters of 2021 to Daniela in Italy and for Susanne in Germany and also a mail art postcard to Jim in the UK.

May all the recipients be filled with joy!

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Autumn 2021 Ihanna Postcard Swap

I received a total of nine (out of ten) of my Ihanna swap this Autumn. seeing as they come from all over the world, that is very good.

I got some super cards this time, all as is required in the swap rules, were hand decorated.

The black and silver one from Stephanie and the sunshine from Mackenzie both from the USA.

The skull from Sandy and the fish from Lenna both from the USA.

The doggy from Becka and the jelly fish from Eileen both from the USA

The one with autumnal colours from Sarah in Hungry and Endless possibilities from Aimie in the USA

Lastly, this one with lots of fun stickers, a joint effort by Yvonne and Leanna from the USA

I always love the diversity which comes with this swap. Can’t wait until spring! 🙂

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Ihanna Postcard Swap

What a lovely opportunity to make mailart, the lovely Ihanna postcard swap. I always love doing this, creating postcards especially to send to someone across the globe who at the same time is also sending out there own ten handmade postcards.

Below are my postcards ready to be sent out, I am very happy with them this year. I am sending to Austria, Australia, USA, Canada and the UK 🙂