Outgoing Mail


My next lot of postcards are going out to Anna in Poland (Anna used to work in the UK), Kathy in the UK, a fellow artist, and postcrossings to Kaplya in Belarus and Peggy in Germany.

I’m also sending a handmade postcard to a new mail art pal, Cynthia in the USA. I know I’ve shown this type of card before but I thought I’d show it closer up.

Hopefully you can see a bit more of how its made. Screenprint, collage, stitch and a little bit of spirograph of course! And as you know I love to make the back interesting too….vintage stamps….

…and this time a sticker of the UK showing where I am.

Why not get creative with your mail!


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  1. Hi, Debbie. Thanks so much for this lovely mail art post card. I am glad you included your website as much of your address was blocked out with postal marks, and I wanted you to know I am grateful. It’s a lovely, unique card., and your work is wonderful. Thank you so much.


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