Oh my goodness, I have so many gorgeous  things to show you!

I have a friend who lives in Norfolk who I don’t see very often and she finds it difficult to get out a lot because of illness, so we decided to begin being pen pals. I want her to get her card making materials out again! She made me this beautiful fox head purse out of crochet, I adore it 🙂


This postcard is from Laura in the USA, I think it’s geli print and collage.


Laura always takes the trouble to decorate the back of her cards, which makes them extra special!

This final piece of mail is from my dear friend Susanne, who lives in Germany.  What a beautiful drawing, it must have taken her so long.

My mail gives me so much pleasure as well as all the faithful readers of this blog. Hello to anyone who has just joined us 🙂


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