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iHanna DIY Postcard Swap

I’ve been taking part in The iHanna Postcard swap recently and have had the pleasure of joining with over a hundred others sending and receiving handmade cards arranged by Studio iHanna.

We are sending ten cards each and these are my postcards I have sent.

iHannah swap 1

I’ve sent to Australia, Greece, USA and Sweden.

I have started to receive my return cards and I’ll show you them next 🙂


slow living, laughing, gardening, cooking, homemaking, slow food, making things, purple, eating with friends, chickens, faith in God, clothes, singing, red, my studio.........

4 thoughts on “iHanna DIY Postcard Swap

  1. Hello Debbie! I just received your postcard and it made me happy! I love the haphazard and varied background and all the BLUE (its the one in the top of the stack to the left in the photo above!). Your card inspired me to get out my spirograph…which I haven’t used in some time! Thank you!

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