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Art through the post


Forgive me, I’ve been so busy with the organisation of Fakenham Art Biennial that I’ve had less time to show you my lovely mail. The Private view was last night so I can get myself back on track (although It has to be taken down in ten days time)

Here’s a couple of pieces of art I’ve received recently. The first from my dear friend Suzanne in Germany who’s taken lots of time to draw beautiful things for me.

Susanne 1 Susanne 2

Just this morning I received these lovely hand printed book related art from Theresa in the UK.


What beautiful things 🙂


Mail Art


This mail art has gone out to my friend Suzanne in Germany, it’s always great to send and receive with her!

Mail art Susanne

These pieces of mail art have come to me from Karen in the USA…

Postcard Karan

….and Hannah in the UK


Some lovely arty things, I’ll show you some postcards next. 🙂

Outgoing Mail


Outgoing mail today is a postcard to Barbara in South Africa, she is a christian, so I’m sending her this card which is one of my paintings with a bible text.


These are Postcrossing cards to Kedan in China and Marleen in the Netherlands.

Postcrossin - Marleen & Kedan

Finally a card going out to my Dad for Fathers day, which is this coming Sunday in the UK. This is one of my own drawings made into a card.




Lovely postcrossing cards received over the last few days. The first is from Marta in Portugal, the second from Heather in New Zealand and the third is from Henry in Finland.

postcards 1

These cards were sent as a set from my friend Susanne in Germany, they were supposed to be a set of six with a recipe continuing on the back of each, but no. 2 hasn’t arrived yet!

postcards 2 postcards 3

A great Idea though and there is still a chance I’ll get it, as I just received something else that took two and a half months to get to me! 🙂

A creative birthday!


I’ve been preparing for and celebrating a very special birthday. Here are a few of the very special birthday cards I received.

This one is from my husband. it’s made from vintage sheet music. He even posted it to me!

Birthday 1

This is from my friend Katja in Germany. A lovely double sided laminated postcard.

Birthday 2

This brings me the hope of spring and summer!

Birthday 3

This is from my friend Susanne in Germany, beautifully hand drawn.

Birthday 4

The envelope opens up into one big picture which contained a letter and the smallest sock in the world!!

Birthday 5

These have made me feel very special 🙂

I’m loving my mail at the moment


Recent mail received is this lovely postcard from Susanne in Germany……

Postcards 1

……a lovely valentine letter from Liva in Latvia…..

Card 2

…..and a letter from Amy in Canada with this fantastic year of the snake stamp….

Mail Art 2

….and a personalised piece of art.

Mail Art 3

How lucky am I? 🙂