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From a Friend


I have so many mail exchanges to show you,I can’t believe how slow I’ve been!

This lovely mail is from my dear friend Susanne who lives in Germany. I have this lovely oversized postcard pinned up now but it’s so difficult to know which side I like the best!

susanne-1 susanne-2

She loves portraits and she did one of me and sent it through the mail πŸ™‚


What super mail πŸ™‚


New post box


After getting a bit of a bash when the lawn was being mowed a few months ago, our mail box had never been the same. We finally decided we needed a new one, so I thought I’d show you all.
I am now the proud owner of a bright red mail box for all my yummy mail!Postbox 1 Postbox 2
I think the next step is to decorate it some how πŸ™‚

In coming Rainbow


I had a belated birthday surprise last week,Β from my dear pen friend Susanne who lives in Germany, Β I was sent a rainbow!

Rainbow 1
Inside the rainbow, presented to me by some beautiful butterflies, were some gorgeous gifts (including what is now my new favourite pen…
Rainbow 2
and a letter.
Rainbow 3

I like belated birthdays! πŸ™‚

Creative Incoming Mail


I do have a lot of mail to catch up with so I’m sorry if you are waiting for mail from me. I have been very busy with other artistic commitments, your mail will arrive in your mail box soon πŸ™‚ I promise!

These are a couple of beautiful deliveries I received recently.

Some lovely prints from Catherine in the UK, the fridge magnet is now on my fridge,


and from Nancy in the USA,


super colourful creations, I love them all!! πŸ™‚

Creative Mail


Here is some lovely mail I received recently, great isn’t it!

I had to show you all angles of this mail art from Catherine because it had decoration on both sides and yummys in the middle!

From Catherine 1 From Catherine 2 From Catherine 3

This gorgeous package from Nancy is beautiful. A lovely letter and lots of surprises in the handmade book.


I must get on now posting some Christmassy things! πŸ™‚

Sending Out Arty things


Lovely cheerful mail sent out recently.

This first one was for Catherine, it included a little book and an ATC card. I called the design ‘flower dots’ which made me smile anyway!

Catherine Wells 2
This was posted to Lisa,Β I made a butterfly bookmark in the same paper as the envelope.

To Lisa

Both Catherine and Lisa live in the UK.


Mail Art


October Mail art for Mmmeeeeee!

Some beautiful prints from my new mail art pal Catherine who lives in the UK which includes a postcard and an ATC card

Catherine Wells
and some fun creative mail from Josphine in the Netherlands which includes a lovely book mark and some cardamon tea bags. What a lovely saying on the envelope.Josephine

I’ve just sent out some mail art myself, but I’ll show you later πŸ™‚