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Paper swaps


OOOh, I do love paper swaps.

I’m so rubbish at remembering to photograph the ones I send out before I package them up. But here are some lovely ones I’ve received lately!

I was sent this one by Shelly in USAPaper swap Shelly
and this one from Ulla in Germany. Paper swap
What joyful packages to open. I must share with you what I make from them sometime 🙂 


Paper Swaps


Here are some papers sent to me by Tanja in Germany

From Tanja

and here is my return package.

To Tanja
Lovely papers to get creative with

Seasonal Mail Sent Out From Me


I still haven’t finished showing you the plethora of Christmas mail that came to and went from Mailmaker. Here are the rest of the greetings I sent out.

These were sent out to Elfie in Germany and Melva in Spain.

Elfie Germany Melva Spain

These were Christmas greetings to Stephanie in Canada and Suzanne in the Netherlands.

Stephanie Canada Suzanne Netherlands

This last one is a paper swap to Barbara in the USA and I used a snowflake card to write on because the theme of the swap was anything to do with water. Can’t wait to receive hers! 🙂

Paperswap Barbara

Sending Out of Beautiful Things


Here are a few things I’ve sent out recently.

This is a paper swap for Deborah in USA, I was too enthusiastic and sealed it before I could photograph of the papers!

Paper swap 1
A Mini paper swap to Terry in the USA,Paper swap 2
Some scrumptious pretty things for Lisa here in Norfolk UK,To Lisa
and a letter to a fellow artist over in Canada.Wendy Canada
Ooooh, it’s good to send out nice things for people to make them happy 🙂

Paper Swap


I got a surprise paper swap the other day, from my pen pal Deborah in the USA. I had forgotten we had mentioned it in our letters until it arrived in my mail box!


Some lovely craft papers and cards for me to be creative with. I must collect some of mine together for her now, I’m going to enjoy that! 🙂

April Paper Swap


Me and my swap partner for April, Christine, were a bit late sending our precious cargo’s to each other, but these were they!

This is mine, it included some beautiful vintage documents and hand printed papers.

Paper swap Christine1

Mine to Christine included a lot of my own pattern and drawings.

Paper swap Christine2
It’s always lovely when you receive a paper swap, there’s always surprises! 🙂

Packages with Purpose


The more I exchange mail, the more I’m amazed at peoples generosity!

Paper swaps are always great, this one is from Lisa in Canada.


I was delighted to receive this handmade postcrossing mail from Elżbieta in Poland


What a gorgeous chicken!


And from my pen pal Lynn in USA, this fab package of rubber stamps, washi tape and a lovely long letter.

Must go, I have mail to post! 🙂