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Outgoing cards


Some of my mail just gone out this week. An Easter card with a letter to my friend Deborah in the USA,  a Postcrossing card to Polina in Belarus and a mail art postcard to my postcard pal Lynn in the USA.


My own designed Easter cards for friends and family….

Easter Cards 1

….and a special handmade one for my cousin Vicky.

Easter Cards 2


Out going Mail


More mail just sent out, Postcrossings to Poon in China and Annika in the Netherlands.

Postcrossing 6

….postcards to Audrey in Fakenham ( my mother in law, who recently moved here, to help her settle in) and to Amy whose ancestors come from Norfolk.

Postcards 7

I’ve also sent this handmade card to my mail art friend Lynn in the USA.

Mail Art 7

Remember, the back of a card is as important as the front! 🙂

Mail Art 8

Dip Pen


When I was tidying my bureau yesterday I rediscovered my dip pen that Keith bought me a while ago. I don’t know how I will get on with it but it’s another creative option so I’ll give it a go!