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In coming Rainbow

I had a belated birthday surprise last week, from my dear pen friend Susanne who lives in Germany,  I was sent a rainbow!

Rainbow 1
Inside the rainbow, presented to me by some beautiful butterflies, were some gorgeous gifts (including what is now my new favourite pen…
Rainbow 2
and a letter.
Rainbow 3

I like belated birthdays! 🙂

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Sending Seasonal Mail

To start with I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and that you had great quantities of lovely mail! 🙂

I have enjoyed sending out some mail of my own. To begin with these were to Nelleke in Germany (handmade fabric coasters)


and Josephine in the Netherlands (a handmade handkerchief).

Josephine Netherlands

Sorry, I was enthusiastically wrapping and forgot to photograph the contents! They were wrapped in papers I designed myself.

These handmade snowflake postcards I send to Lois and Nancy in the USA

Lois and Nancy USA

and Svetlana in Germany and Antonia in Spain

Svetlana Germany Antonia Spain

Happy New Year everyone, I’ll see you on the other side! 🙂

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More Birthday Connections

A birthday present I forgot to show you was this lovely letter writing set, given to me by my friend Donna, here in Fakenham.

paper 1 paper 2

Also, I’m very pleased with this, so I want to show you, I made a journal using a birthday envelope I had.

Sketchbook 1

I slipped some board in the envelope to strengthen the cover.

Sketchbook 2
Stitched pages and everything! 🙂

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Birthday Continued

I’m showing you my birthday presents because they are mostly related to mail and mail art:-)

These are what were in the envelope I showed you yesterday.

Birthday 2

The little package was from my husband. He also bought me this lovely vintage writing case. Have you ever seen one like this before?

Birthday 3

This morning I received this lovely package in the post, from my dear friend in Germany.

Birthday 4

It contained some more washi tape (hurrah),  A beautiful monogrammed block for ink or use as a wax seal and this absolutely delightful glass dip pen.

Birthday 5
I’ve been so spoiled, it’s been lovely 🙂

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Christmas Handmades

Oh my word, how lovely some people are to send such beautiful things!

This first one is from my friend Katja in Germany, the card was made by her daughter.

Christmas 1

These were sent to me by Sil, my new penfriend from Brazil.

Christmas 2

This gorgeous, gorgeous lantern was made and sent to me from my friend Susanne in Germany.

Christmas 3

This 1st card was given to me by my husband, the next to us both from a couple of friends and the 3rd to my husband from me.

Christmas 4

Here you have seen sil’s card, also there is one from my friend Sarah here in Norfolk and the last is from a very talented Suzanne in the Netherlands.

Christmas 5
What a selection, these are going to be treasured for a long time to come 🙂