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Sending Out of Beautiful Things

Here are a few things I’ve sent out recently.

This is a paper swap for Deborah in USA, I was too enthusiastic and sealed it before I could photograph of the papers!

Paper swap 1
A Mini paper swap to Terry in the USA,Paper swap 2
Some scrumptious pretty things for Lisa here in Norfolk UK,To Lisa
and a letter to a fellow artist over in Canada.Wendy Canada
Ooooh, it’s good to send out nice things for people to make them happy 🙂

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Loads to show

Some lovely things have arrived in my mail box recently. This envelope is from Catherine in china, special things, just for me. Catherine 2 This one is from my friend Lisa who lives here in Norfolk, who is new to mail art, isn’t it lovely, I’m going to hang it on the wall straight away! I love the spotty envelope! Lisa This one is from Nancy in the US, some lovely colours Nancy and this is a lovely letter from Wendy in Canada, telling me about the art she’s been doing recently. Wendy
A few days lamenting that I have no mail and then these beautiful things arrive!

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Packages with Purpose

The more I exchange mail, the more I’m amazed at peoples generosity!

Paper swaps are always great, this one is from Lisa in Canada.


I was delighted to receive this handmade postcrossing mail from Elżbieta in Poland


What a gorgeous chicken!


And from my pen pal Lynn in USA, this fab package of rubber stamps, washi tape and a lovely long letter.

Must go, I have mail to post! 🙂

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Outgoing Mail

I love sending out Postcrossing cards, trying to send something people will like. Most people list there favourite things on their profile, so I can hunt through my stash and find something they will like. Otherwise I make a new postcard.

The first card was to Nina in Belgium who likes old film stills and the second to Sallie in the USA who loves the ocean.


The first one here is to Michael in Germany who likes pictures where people live and the second is to Aileen in Ukraine who likes cows. It’s good to think you might be able to make someone happy with a postcard.

This next letter is to Wendy in Canada who was a paper swap partner and we decided to try and keep in touch and share about what art projects we are doing with each other.


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Another paper swap

I got this amazing package arrive the other day, a return paper swap from Wendy in Canada.

Paper swap 003

There’s so many lovely papers, collected papers as well as papers that she has decorated herself.

Paper swap 004
I felt so spoiled, it felt like it was my birthday! I have started making things already with this lovely stuff 🙂

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Paper Swaps

Oh my goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve spent time with you, I’ve been very busy. Here are some paper swaps to encourage you so stay with me.

The first is a mini swap from Valerie in the USA, Valerie 2
the second some exciting papers from Silvana in BrazilPaper swap
and the third is from me to Wendy in Canada which I really enjoyed putting together and I hope she finds creative inspiration from them.Paper swap 2

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Incoming Lovelies

After such a busy time I am getting mixed up with what I’ve shown you and I think I’ve missed some. Never mind, take a look at these.

This is from my new penpal Josephine from the Netherlands, I just love this card, it’s definitely going on display somewhere.

Postcard 1

This artists book was sent to wish me a happy spring, from Madeliene, also in the netherlands.

Artists Book

This  mail art was sent to me from Amy who live in Canada. A lovely hand made book and a chicken containing lavender from Amy’s garden.

Mail Art 1

How lucky am I 🙂