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Sending Postcrossings


My recent Postcrossings sent out are to Abi in Hong Kong and Yuying in China both were interested in where I live.
Abi Honk Kong Yuying China
Ulrike in Germany wanted postcards of gargoyles, this one is on a pub in the town and Irina in Russia liked nature and scenery so I sent her a photo of one of the beaches near us.Ulrike Germany Irina RussiaHappy Postcrossing everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


Incoming Postcards


Some more lovely’s that have come my way.

These postcrossing cards are from Annerose in Germany, Oksanna in Ukraine and Liu Yang in China.Annerose Germany Oksana Ukrane Liu Yang China
These are from Diago in Norway, David in the USA and Eva in Russia.Diago Norway David usa Eva Russia
These cards are all so lovely, but I especially like this one from Cherrie in the USA.P1010319



Here are some lovely recent postcards. The first two are from Liva from Latvia, who is now living in London and as you can see loves being in the UK. LivaLiva 2 This card is handmade by my pen pal ย Jia in China, this is her wearing a mask!Jia and this is a card I made for my cousins son Tom for his 13th Birthday.Tom
My incoming mail has slowed a bit lately, I think it’s because it’s holiday season, the hot weather has slowed me down too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Loads to show


Some lovely things have arrived in my mail box recently. This envelope is from Catherine in china, special things, just for me. Catherine 2 This one is from my friend Lisa who lives here in Norfolk, who is new to mail art, isn’t it lovely,ย I’m going to hang it on the wall straight away! I love the spotty envelope! Lisa This one is from Nancy in the US, some lovely colours Nancy and this is a lovely letter from Wendy in Canada, telling me about the art she’s been doing recently. Wendy
A few days lamenting that I have no mail and then these beautiful things arrive!

sending out postcard blessings


I keep forgetting to photograph my outgoing Postcrossing cards, but here are some outgoings I remembered.

These are my newly designed Fakenham postcards to Cherry in China and Janel in USA….

Cherry Janel

and these are to Ira in Ukraine and my new union Jack postcard that I made for Zuzanna in Poland

Ira Zuznna
I got some more lovely mail art this morning, but I have to contain myself and make sure I show you everything! ๐Ÿ™‚

Incoming Postcards


Lots of Postcrossing postcards have arrived close together. First from Cheryl in Texas, second from Djordge, my first from Serbia, third from Sabine in Germany and the forth one in this picture is from Christine in Germany.IMG_0350
The first in this picture is from Jeanne in USA, ย the second is from Yun in Taiwan and the third is from Baiketi in China.
What a great assortment of cards from a great assortment of people. ๐Ÿ™‚

Incoming Postcards


Lots of yummy postcards coming in…..

This one is from Catherine in China


The top one here is from Antoni in spain, (a picture of a fab post box that is in Barcelona) and the other is from Cynthia in the USA.

Cynthia in USA Antoni inSpain

These are postcrossing cards from Sasha in Spain, Adam in USA and Tina in the UK.postcrossing

It’s amazing the diversity of postcards I’m collecting! ๐Ÿ™‚