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I have a weakness!

Because I love writing, I have a weakness for fountain pens and a growing dislike of ball point pens. This has been creeping up on me slowly as I didn’t realise until recently how many fountain pens I have. I was talking to my husband about starting a collection of fountain pens and it came to my attention that I already have one!  Any way, this is a subtle way of telling you I’ve bought another one.

This is a type of fountain pen I have, for may years, admired from affar and you are probably wondering what I’m going on about. Well here it is, my new (vintage) Sheaffer fountain pen.

New Pen

There’s a history to this pen and I love it! 🙂

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The last of Christmas Post

Here is the last of my Christmas mail, there is always some late Christmas mail when things are being posted across the sea. Here is the last of mine. The three wise men from Catarina in Portugal and  a lovely Christmas tree from Jia in China.

Christmas 1

Look at these lovely stamps.

Christmas 2

I’ve also received an acceptance to my Birthday party (which is not till march) I sent my invites out with my Christmas mail. This is from my friends Gail and David from Hertfordshire in UK, Gail always makes her own cards.

Postcards 1

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Christmas Mail

Hello everyone, I do hope you had a really amazing Christmas.

Here is some of my Christmas Mail. I received this beautifully Whimsical postcard from Lynn in the USA, it’s really hit the spot, I love this one!….

Mail Art 3

…and then this lovely frosty envelope from Suzanne in Germany……

Mail Art 4

Mail Art 5

….containing a wonderful old fashioned Santa card, a drawing of a happy snowman…

Mail Art 6

….and a lovely long letter.

Mail Art 7

Thanks Suzanne. 🙂