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Happy Mail Day

The postman arrived early this morning and bought very happy mail. A lovely letter from Nancy in Iowa USA and some washi tape I ordered from Sweet Supplies Store on Etsy (from Japan) . I love buying from there because she’s very efficient and packages so beautifully!

I can’t wait to use my washi tape 🙂

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These out going Postcrossing cards have gone to Andreea in Romania, Yuka in Japan, Renee in USA,


Claudia in Germany, Oleg in Russia,


Marina in Germany and Gosia in Poland.


It is so wonderful sharing with people from other country’s, even the different name I come across make me happy! 🙂

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Latest Postcrossing Cards to Arrive

I have had these lovely Postcrossing cards arrive from across the globe this week. The arts and crafts style card is from Alex in Germany and this very psychedelic one from Paula in Poland. This second one shimmers in the light as you move it around.Alex Germany Paulina Poland
The cartoon postcard is from Annabelle in France and Sally in Hong Kong sent me this card that is an amazing reproduction of fabric.Annabelle FranceSally Hong Kong
A more traditional style card from Yumiko in Japan and here’s a tourist type card from Marianne in the Netherlands
.Yumiko Japan Marianne Netherlands
It is amazing the different types of cards that arrive through my mail box, love it! 🙂

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Send and Receive

Here are some pairs for you, a different way to show you my mail. The card with the tulips was sent to me by my friend Nelleke in Germany and my return mail was this card created from one of my own collages. From and to 1 This next card you’ve already seen, a handmade Postcrossing card from Hiromi in Japan. Hiromi wanted me to send her a card from the UK, so I send a typical windmill from here in Norfolk. From and to 2 I got these lovely fairground horses, a photo by Deanie in the USA,. I returned the favour by sending another of my collage inspired postcards. From and to 3
Keep on mailing everyone, it’s a fantastic hobby! 🙂