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In coming Postcrossing Cards


Thank you for being so patient with me for my infrequent posts, I have so much mail to share with you and it’s so much fun!

These beautiful cards are from Charity and Paul both in the USA,


Irina in Germany, Zsuzsi in Romania and Evita in Latvia,


Isabel and Kirsten in Germany and Ladka in Czech Republic!


Wow, what a selection! I love this game πŸ™‚


Sending out Postcrossing Cards


Here are the latest Postcrossing cards I’ve sent out. These first two are off to Anastasija in Latvia, who was interested in medieval architecture and I thought this might interest herΒ and Minjia in Taiwan wanted something from where I live.Anastasija Latvia Minjia Taiwan
These are two sent to Elisa in Germany and Lisa in the Netherlands. I couldn’t resist sending them this picture of a field near where I live, just after it had been harvested.Elisa Germany Lisa Netherlands
These last two are for Lynn in USA who likes fun cards and Timo in Finland, who like many, wanted to see where I live.Β Lynn USA Timo Finland
Happy Postcrossing everyone! πŸ™‚

Sending Out Postal Greetings


My Postcrossing cards to show you this week are:

A nice beach views for Jenny in USA and Olga in Belarus.Jenny USA Olga Belarus
A moose for Karola in Finland (she said she liked moose) and for Viktorija in Latvia some nice views of our town.
Karola Finland Viktorija Latvia
Katerina in Lithuania is a taylor and wanted pictures of nice clothes and Simona in Germany likes local views.
Kristina Lithuania Simona Germany
I hope I have made them happy with my choices πŸ™‚



What lovely drawings to get through the post….

…from new mail contact, Caitlin in the USA


…and from Liva in Latvia.

It’s amazing what a wonderful variety of art comes my way! πŸ™‚


Christmas Mail


A couple of days ago I sent out some of my Christmas mail to my friends in other countries. It means so much to me to have such lovely friends.Christmas Mail
These have been sent with my love and best wishes to Germany, Latvia and the Netherlands. πŸ™‚

More lovely Mail!


These are more postcards I’ve received recently, Postcrossings from Robin in USA , Svetlana in UkraineRo US Svetlana Ukr…and Apple in Tiawan. Also a postcard from my friend Liva in Latvia.Apple Taiwan Liva

I love this mail art I received from Cynthia in USA, I haven’t heard from her for a while so I’m glad she’s ok.Cynthia

Outgoing Lovelies


I’m sending these out to some gorgeous people, Liva in Latvia, Katja in Germany, Ceri in Norfolk, UK and David in Norfolk, UK who hasn’t been well.

4 envelopes

This mail art fish is for Fabian who lives in Norfolk, UK….


….and these art postcards are to Petrolpetal in South Africa and Isabel in Portugal.

Isabel Petrolpetal

I did enjoy getting these ready to send! πŸ™‚