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Liberate Your Art Postcards


I took part in Liberate your Art postcard swap again this year. Here are the postcards I’ve received so far.

Thank you to Imelda



and Cathy



Outgoing postcards


These postcards have just gone out to Charlotte and Deborah in USACharlotte USA Deborah
and Lui in Philippines and Louise in France. Lui Philippines Louise France
Some of them side swaps from the Liberate Your Art event I took part in recently. Great fun as you end up meeting lots of new friends across the globe! 🙂

Liberate Your Art


I am liberating my art again this year with Kat Eye Studio postcard swap, (see link in widgets). These are the postcards I’m sending this year. 🙂


I’ll be sharing the ones I receive in return when the swap takes place.