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sending out postcard blessings

I keep forgetting to photograph my outgoing Postcrossing cards, but here are some outgoings I remembered.

These are my newly designed Fakenham postcards to Cherry in China and Janel in USA….

Cherry Janel

and these are to Ira in Ukraine and my new union Jack postcard that I made for Zuzanna in Poland

Ira Zuznna
I got some more lovely mail art this morning, but I have to contain myself and make sure I show you everything! 🙂

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Packages with Purpose

The more I exchange mail, the more I’m amazed at peoples generosity!

Paper swaps are always great, this one is from Lisa in Canada.


I was delighted to receive this handmade postcrossing mail from Elżbieta in Poland


What a gorgeous chicken!


And from my pen pal Lynn in USA, this fab package of rubber stamps, washi tape and a lovely long letter.

Must go, I have mail to post! 🙂

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Postcards in and out!

These lovely postcards arrived for me recently, the first is a modern representation of a national costume from Nelleke in the Netherlands and the second is a local view card from where Karolina lives in Poland.

These are some of my new butterfly cards I’ve been making going to Katja in Germany and B in Norfolk, UK.

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Outgoing mail

Here is my next lot of out going mail, it’s lovely to make contact with so many new people!

These include Postcrossing cards to Wendy in Tiawan and Marta in Poland. There’s also my first  card to Jinee in Korea to show her where I live.

I’ve also done some art cards to Lynn in USA

and Jia in China

It is an amazing thing to give your art away, it’s very liberating! 🙂

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Mail in and out

Two Postcrossing cards from the last couple of days. One from Sveta in Russia and the other from Chris in Switzerland. I love the one that looks like there’s a real book coming out of the surface of the card.

Cards prepared for posting. Postcrossing to Eugenia in Russia and Kim in Germany and continued correspondance  going to Marzina in Poland. Telling all of them something about our little town!