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Posting Today!


Postcrossing cards being posted today are a view of our coastline to Zhai in China and a Norwich card to Sylvia in Germany.

I’m sending an art card to my pen pal Catarina in Portugal, made with a photograph and Japanese paper. Also a postcard  to my friend Nelleke in the Netherlands, which is a copy of a postcard I made using the cover of an old book with my own drawings added.


Mail Hiatus!


Hiatus – a pause in activity when nothing happens – well that’s exactly it, my mail is having a break.

The last two weeks has been very quiet as far as my mail is concerned. I’m a little sad ’cause I love going out to the mail box each day to see who I might have heard from, but I enjoy sending mail so much I’ve been concentating making some postcards to send out.

I did receive this lovely card a couple of days ago from Catarina in Portugal which brightened my day, it’s a postcard from where she stayed on holiday.  🙂




Out going mail!


Oh my goodness, I’ve remembered to photograph my outgoing mail to show you!

I’m sending postcrossing cards to Michelle in USA and Suzanna in Canada and a postcard to Catarina in Portugal. Also I’m sending out two lots of mailart, one to Brooke who lives in Norfolk and one to Emily in Northants.

I’m sending Emily this package with some of my old fashion drawings made into postcards and a cloth badge for her jacket..

I just love sending surprises to people! 🙂

Todays mail


This morning I had some lovely things through the post. First a postcrossing card in the form of a note card from Libania in portugal,

….and a lovely postcard from Lee in Latvia, using one of her own photos.

I also received some more mail art from Jia in China.

All in this was in this envelope with these amazing stamps! 🙂



Yesterday I got a lovely postcrossing card from Katya in Belarus, a picture of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk.

I think I’m going to put it up on the wall back to front though because the back is so lovely!

This morning got a card from my penpal Catarina in Portugal, who is studying hard but still found the time to send me a postcard.

I love this card. How nice to have people who think of you! 🙂

Outgoing postcrossing Cards


I’ve actually remembered to record my outgoing postcards this time!  A lovely view of the sea for Julie in Taiwan and an image of a cross stitch I did a while ago for Marjan in the Netherlands as she likes cross stitch.

I’ve sent another card of one of my recent pattern designs to Catarina a friend I’ve made through postcrossing who lives in Portugal.

I do like to make the back pretty aswell  as the front!



Oh know, I forgot again to photograph the postcards I sent out this morning, I’m not getting any better am I! Here are some I recieved though….from Connie in Amsterdam, Riitta from Finland and Christine from Germany.

I also got a card from Catarina in Portugal, who I’ve written to a few times now.

It’s a good thing to pass a thought to others across the world, it opens your mind a little more! 🙂