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Wonderful Postcrossing Cards


Here are some more postcrossing cards that I have received recently.

These two are from Thorston from Gemany and Chang from Taiwan.

Thorsten Germany Chang Tiawan

These are from Brasou in Romania, Hai in India and Sammy in Ghana.

Brasou Romania Hai India Sammy Ghana

I’m very excited with these last three, as they are my first postcard from each country.


Outgoing Postcrossings


Wow, I have lots of lovely mail to share with you, so to start with some Postcrossing cards that I’ve sent out recently.

These cards were sent to Anna in Russia who likes cats and Tina in Germany who loves Horses.Anna Russia Tina Germany
These next ones were to Astrid in Germany who had flags on her want list and Juice in Taiwan who likes to see where people live.
Astrid Germany Juice Taiwan
Cynthia from Germany likes old grave yards so I sent her this card with a photo I’d taken myself and one thing that Stuart likes here in the UK is vintage photos of where people live.Cynthia USA Stuart UK
I think I did quite well this time for what people wanted, I’m pleased with those 🙂


Sending out Postcrossing Cards


Here are the latest Postcrossing cards I’ve sent out. These first two are off to Anastasija in Latvia, who was interested in medieval architecture and I thought this might interest her and Minjia in Taiwan wanted something from where I live.Anastasija Latvia Minjia Taiwan
These are two sent to Elisa in Germany and Lisa in the Netherlands. I couldn’t resist sending them this picture of a field near where I live, just after it had been harvested.Elisa Germany Lisa Netherlands
These last two are for Lynn in USA who likes fun cards and Timo in Finland, who like many, wanted to see where I live. Lynn USA Timo Finland
Happy Postcrossing everyone! 🙂

Incoming Postcards


These are a couple of lovely Postcrossings I received recently. I got an envelope with several postcards from Chiu-Chiu in Taiwan

Chiu-Chiu Taiwan

and this charming Humpty Dumpty from Renate in Germany.

Renate Germany

There are some super cards coming through all the time from very thoughtful people! 🙂

Lots to show you!


I have lots to show you as I have a back log of lovely post.

These postcrossing cards are from Jenny in Taiwan and Maja in Poland (a card she bought on holiday 🙂 )

JennyTaiwan Maja Oland

These are from Jona Philppines, Annzhinna in  Russia and Chanveny a chinese girl Poland.

Jona Philippines Annzhinna Russia Chanveny Poland
The final three are from Karan in USA, Chen in Taiwan and Valerie in Poland.

Karan USChen Tiawan Valerie Belgium

Such a variety. I especially like the still water in the last one 🙂


Arty Postcrossing


I’ve had a bit of a break while having a bit of a staycation, but I have lots to show you and I’ll start with this arty post.

Quite a contrast with these two. A cute portrait postcard from Chun in Taiwan and a very dark and intense portrait from Nelly in Germany.

Chun TiawanNelly Germany
Two contemporary pieces on postcards from Wanda and Julie who both live in Germany.Wanda & Julie Germany

Svetlana who also lives in Germany sent me this great postcard of scenes of Berlin which was in an envelope with all these lovely art exhibition postcards. (We have decided to stay in touch)Svetlana Germany
Mmmm, great post! 🙂

Incoming Postcards


Lots of Postcrossing postcards have arrived close together. First from Cheryl in Texas, second from Djordge, my first from Serbia, third from Sabine in Germany and the forth one in this picture is from Christine in Germany.IMG_0350
The first in this picture is from Jeanne in USA,  the second is from Yun in Taiwan and the third is from Baiketi in China.
What a great assortment of cards from a great assortment of people. 🙂