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Lots to show you!

I have lots to show you as I have a back log of lovely post.

These postcrossing cards are from Jenny in Taiwan and Maja in Poland (a card she bought on holiday 🙂 )

JennyTaiwan Maja Oland

These are from Jona Philppines, Annzhinna in  Russia and Chanveny a chinese girl Poland.

Jona Philippines Annzhinna Russia Chanveny Poland
The final three are from Karan in USA, Chen in Taiwan and Valerie in Poland.

Karan USChen Tiawan Valerie Belgium

Such a variety. I especially like the still water in the last one 🙂


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Arty Postcrossing

I’ve had a bit of a break while having a bit of a staycation, but I have lots to show you and I’ll start with this arty post.

Quite a contrast with these two. A cute portrait postcard from Chun in Taiwan and a very dark and intense portrait from Nelly in Germany.

Chun TiawanNelly Germany
Two contemporary pieces on postcards from Wanda and Julie who both live in Germany.Wanda & Julie Germany

Svetlana who also lives in Germany sent me this great postcard of scenes of Berlin which was in an envelope with all these lovely art exhibition postcards. (We have decided to stay in touch)Svetlana Germany
Mmmm, great post! 🙂

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Incoming Postcards

Lots of Postcrossing postcards have arrived close together. First from Cheryl in Texas, second from Djordge, my first from Serbia, third from Sabine in Germany and the forth one in this picture is from Christine in Germany.IMG_0350
The first in this picture is from Jeanne in USA,  the second is from Yun in Taiwan and the third is from Baiketi in China.
What a great assortment of cards from a great assortment of people. 🙂

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Today’s Mail Exclusive!

Sending out two of my trusty Fakenham postcards for Postcrossing today, one to Chloe in China and the other to Jyun in Tiawan. Both wanting to know about where I live.

I also received this lovely piece of mail art from Suzanne in Germany, who I’ve just started exchanging mail with.

I’ve posted some thing from her before, I just love her patterns. Thanks Suzanne! 🙂

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Postcards from Cara in Taiwan and Marina in Russia. I love the diversity of cards I receive through Postcrossing!

I sent out this Happy homemaking card to my inlaws as they have moved into their new home this week…

….and a birthday card for Emily, my cousins daughter who has sent me mail before but must be bogged down with school work at the moment ( I’m so glad I’m not at school now!)

I love sending beautiful things to people, I just love it! 🙂

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Sending Blessings!

I’ve had some lovely feedback from a couple of people who have received mail from me. They said it came just at the right time, to cheer them on a difficult day! I do feel that one of the reasons I send mail is to bless people, how often do you get something cheery in your mail box? I know when I do, it blesses me! 🙂

Today’s outgoing mail is a Fakenham postcard to my Mother in law who (with my Father in law) will soon be moving to live near us, so a little encouragement for the move. A bit of a biographical card to Katie in USA, a new contact and a cockerel postcard to my friend B, the one who’s convalescing.

Postcrossings to Jyechau in Taiwan and Sebastian in Germany. I send these Norwich cards quite a lot, but they are good if people want to know about where you live.

Finally some mail art I sent a few days ago to Deborah in the USA.

Happy mailing everyone and don’t forget if you want to exchange mail with me just let me know! 🙂